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The construction industry was not spared the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic but easing of the lockdown regulations to level 3 from 1st June 2020 in South Africa saw a gradual re-activation of construction activities.

Construction companies, like all other companies, need to adjust to the “new normal” and break away from traditional business models. This article strive to look at possible solutions available for construction companies in the marketplace.

Industry Challenges

Deloitte Global Leader - Engineering and Construction, Javier Parada, list several challenges for the construction industry in an on-line article. The challenges boil down to a scenario of smaller demand for construction projects, financial constraints, the demise of smaller sub-contractors and internationalisation becoming less of an option.

Two key questions that need answering are the following:

·        How to maintain safety of employees?

·        How can technology be used to gain operational leverage?

Further research into more traditional industry challenges list the following:

·        Inefficient collaboration – collaboration between on-site workers, off-site workers, construction teams, internal and internal team members and external service providers

·        Workforce management – the difficulty of managing schedules, workforce distribution and the allocation of resources and material. The industry is dependent on both skilled and unskilled labour requiring planning and management

·        Productivity impairment – the complexities derived from paper-based document management 


Technology constraints

Despite rapid development in digitization has the construction industry been slower to adopt the advantages of 4th Industrial Revolution systems technology. In this regard we refer to the implementation of integrated enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) and mobile workforce solutions. It seems that the preference is for siloed, alone-standing systems where data exchange is achieved with difficulty. The use of word processing systems, electronic spreadsheets and accounting packages is a cumbersome method of operating a business.

Mobile Workforce Solution

Construction companies should consider utilizing a cloud-based mobile workforce solution to gain a competitive advantage over rivals and competitors. Such a solution requires only a stable internet connection and smart devices (i.e. smart phones / tablets) along with data. The solution provides an integrated ERP package that can be tailored and customized according to business requirements.

Advantages of a Mobile Workforce Solution

The advantages of a mobile workforce solution are numerous. We will concentrate on those advantages that favour the construction industry.

Detailed cost tracking and cost management

Construction projects are bid and won on specific detailed scope, budget, and schedule estimates. Accurate projections require a clear insight into the time required to complete assigned tasks.

A mobile workforce solution allows construction managers to capture time spend on various tasks electronically and precisely.

The data derived from this capturing can be analysed to enable refined time and cost projections.

Confirmation of Service

Confirmation of service delivered based on indisputable proof are key in supporting and expediting payment.

An integrated mobile workforce solution has the functionality available to store and produce records electronically and grants construction companies the ability to easily produce the records needed to eliminate discrepancies. The use of mobile apps through GPS-location timestamps accurately document service appointments. Customer signatures for billing and reimbursement purposes are recorded electronically.

Automation of payroll through mobile timesheets

When workers have the ability to record daily hours on their mobile devices, companies can accurately capture GPS location-stamped employee timesheets, saving time and reducing the costs associated with manual data entry and processing.

Employee safety documentation

Record keeping of employee safety incidents is of cardinal importance. By replacing the traditional pen and paper with electronic mobile forms, accessed through applications on smartphones and tablets, workers are able to easily document job incidents and/or accidents as they happen. By capturing employee issues electronically, businesses can ensure the effective management of workers’ compensation claims and expenses.

Electronic Work orders

Work orders can be assigned electronically with a mobile workforce solution. By using mobile assignments, there is a reduction in manual work orders and the need for paper printing and handing out physical daily assignment sheets. By giving workers access to their daily assignments through apps on their mobile devices, they can be alerted to assignments in real-time, and accurately document the day’s activity plan, complete with job details, addresses and client information. The time saved by companies eliminates the need for back and forth phone calls to coordinate these important details. Workers gain the ability to update an assignment status and document new jobs without having to directly contact the office, improving the efficiency of their day-to-day operations.

Scheduling of Labour

Mobile workforce solutions have the ability to plan and schedule resources electronically, replacing the traditional white board. Scheduling is enhanced with “drag-and-drop” functionality. Changes are communicated in real time.

There is better track and monitoring of manpower and mechanical assets. Emergencies are reported via an app on a smart device.

Cloud-based solutions

A true cloud-based mobile workforce solution are deployed via cloud-hosted technology. The mobile application can be deployed rapidly without requiring significant upfront time or costly apparatus.


The mentioned benefits of implemented an integrated mobile workforce solution is but a fraction of the possible benefits. More benefits are available in terms of logistics, procurement, CRM, and predictive maintenance.


LionGate Solution is proudly associated with MobiWork®, a mobile workforce solution with a global footprint. Contact us for a discussion on your particular challenges and allow us to demonstrate how we could assist you in achieving higher profits while optimising your business model.

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