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Spend to Save – Wisdom or Myth?

  It is fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has globally created havoc and the world is still reeling under the consequences. Moreover has this tragedy affected the global economy and the way in which business is conducted. However, the economists and other influential people are telling us that the worst is yet to come. Amidst al the doom and gloom, there are businesses that still operate or are busy desperately to find ways and means to survive. Survival is applicable to all scale of businesses – from the smallest solo operator to global conglomerates. Human ingenuity and entrepreneurial is being tested like no other time in history. The world has survive in the past. There were global conflicts and pandemics that  tested the existence of mankind, but the world has survived.   In a quest to survive, business owners and managers must look at every available avenue to find the best possible solution. One of the main items being scrutinized is the matter of cost or expenditure. It is a well

MobiWork - Planning & Scheduling

  Introduction With the introduction of the 4 th Industrial Revolution, paper-based systems are slowly being phased out to make way for digitized business processes. Many organizations have adopted mobile workforce software solutions to leverage the advantages of paperless, cloud-based systems to maximize efficiency and to lower overhead costs . The use of such systems strives to enforce business rules that are being followed every time. Employees can be held accountable when deviations occur.   MobiWork is a mobile workforce system solution that has been successfully implemented globally. In this article attention is drawn to the functionalities available in the MobiWork system that assists in the planning, scheduling, and dispatching of resources. Functionalities available for Planning and Scheduling This article will only focus on the functionalities related to planning and scheduling. More articles will follow to explore functionalities and these functionalities can be utilized

MobiWork for the Construction Industry

  Introduction The construction industry was not spared the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic but easing of the lockdown regulations to level 3 from 1 st June 2020 in South Africa saw a gradual re-activation of construction activities. Construction companies, like all other companies, need to adjust to the “new normal” and break away from traditional business models. This article strive to look at possible solutions available for construction companies in the marketplace. Industry Challenges Deloitte Global Leader - Engineering and Construction, Javier Parada , list several challenges for the construction industry in an on-line article. The challenges boil down to a scenario of smaller demand for construction projects, financial constraints, the demise of smaller sub-contractors and internationalisation becoming less of an option. Two key questions that need answering are the following: ·         How to maintain safety of employees? ·         How can technology be used to

Invoicing Problems faced by Field Services Companies

  Background You know your company is doing excellent work for customers. Your field staff is dedicated in delivering service excellence and you have a great customer base. Your admin staff has all the tools to serve company staff and customers alike. However, if your invoicing function is not performing properly, your company will not be in business for long. Incorrect invoices will result in late payments or no payments at all. This has detrimental effect on your cashflow when overheads cannot be paid. Consistent invoice problems may also result in reputational damage for the company.   And unfortunately, until an invoice has been settled, the client has the financial upper hand. Invoice related problems Problems with invoices come in many shapes and sizes. Experience resulting from working with field services companies have shown the following areas as problematic for invoice processes: 1.      Missing invoices – invoices not reaching their intended recipients are not